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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Three SEO Mistakes that Badly Affect Your Search Engine Ranking

Most business owners at the present time understand the importance of having a well optimized website in order to get top ranking and maximum visibility on the major search engines like of Google, Yahoo and Bing. Search engine optimization or SEO is the process that helps the websites to get authentic visits from the web users. With proper strategy and tactic in place, the companies can quickly improve their search engine ranking and the appearance. In addition, top ranking helps the companies to reach their target audience and improve the brand identity. 

Three SEO Mistakes
Search engine optimization is an online promotional technique that comprises of various processes but many website owners or the business organizations assume that SEO is nothing more than keyword placement in the web page and within the content on their website. As per Search Rank India, the Top SEO Company Delhi, your website can never get good ranking and visibility in search engine result pages if you fail in incorporating all aspects of search engine optimization. We have mentioned some of the common mistakes in this blog that website owners commit while doing SEO and because of which the appearance of their websites get affected badly. Read on to know more. 

Keyword Stuffing 

It is the most common mistake made by website owners and the SEO professionals while developing/publishing content for their websites. Contrary to popular belief, your website’s visibility on the search engine will not increase by using the same word or phrase again and again in the webpage. However, it will cause your website to be marked as a spam by the search engine crawlers.  
Bad Keyword Selection 

Keyword is the most important factor for search engine optimization as the web crawlers read the web page with the content and if you place targeted keyword in your web page, you will definitely get priority. Hence, you should choose the best and relevant keyword as per the nature of your website and its content. Most of the website owners usually fail in keyword selection and they choose bad keywords that waste their SEO efforts and their website appears in the last pages of search engines. We would recommend you to do complete research about your target audience and use only those keywords that relate to their interests and the content of your website.  

Copied Content 

Google says that if you produce good and high quality content, you can get top ranking in its search engines result pages. Unfortunately, most of the website owners don’t listen to Google and use the copied content in their website and put pressure to the SEO professionals to bring their website in the top result. Content copying is very harmful even when you use the same content of your website in its different pages. Google and all the other major search engines want to have unique content on every single page of the website. Hence, it is important to hire a well experienced and creative content write to get fresh and informative content for your website. 

 If you don’t commit the above-mentioned three SEO mistakes, your website will always remain in the top result and get maximum visibility. Search Rank India is a well-known digital marketing company that offers SEO, SMO, Web Designing, Web Development, Content Writing and Pay Per Click Services at the best and affordable price. Know more about this eminent company by visiting its official website:


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