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Friday, 23 October 2015

Why Magento is the Best Platform for E-Commerce Website Development?

There are many e-commerce website development platforms, like Shopify, Big Commerce and 3Dcart, but Magento is the best platform to develop e-Commerce website. It currently holds a market share of 26% which clearly shows its domination in the field of e-Commerce development. Not only the big and renowned companies but the newly founded and startups use this feature-rich platform to get tailored online shopping stores. 

Search Rank India, which is the best Ecommerce Website Development Company in India, suggests its clients to get e-Commerce website developed on Magento platform. There are many things that make Magento the best e-commerce website development platform. We have mentioned some of the best and most popular features of Magento in the below-given lines of this article. These features will give you the reasons why you should choose Magento for e-commerce website development. Scroll down to know more.  

1. Open source: 

Magento is open-source platform and used by developers across the world to build business website (especially e-commerce) with assorted functions. 80% of Website Designing Company India including Search Rank prefers Magento to develop e-commerce website for their clients. In addition, the reason behind the growing popularity of Magento in the recent years is, there is no significant cost to use this CMS. 

2. Flexible Framework 

Most of the web developers use Magento because of its flexible framework. It allows them to install new and advances methodologies. This feature provides the hassle-free customization of shopping carts, products and more.  

3. SEO Friendly 

No matter how well designed website do you have, unless and until it gets top ranking in the search engine result pages (SERPs). Magento has in-built SEO features that help in getting top ranking in SERPs. You don’t need to do more effort to get top ranking on Google or any other search engines when your website is developed on Magento platform. 

4. Responsive 

Most of the people nowadays use smartphone and other mobile computing devices to search information on web. Hence, it is very important that your website comprises of responsive design. The search engine giant Google launched Mobile-friendly update this year to give top ranking to responsive sites in its mobile search results. 

It means, you can easily get top ranking in Google mobile SERPs by having responsive design. Also, you can reach to maximum number of people. Magento provides a very good opportunity to you if you want to cater mobile web audience. The websites built on Magento platform are highly compatible to the multiple devices. Being a top rank Responsive Website Designing Company India, Search Rank always prefers using Magento platform.


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