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Thursday, 17 September 2015

3 SEO Techniques You Need to Forget at the Current Time

Most of the SEO professionals try to play with the search engine algorithm to get top ranking in the search engine result pages (SERPs). For them, it is hard to forget the old optimization techniques in favor of the new ones. Even those who know that playing the search engine algorithm put them at risk and may be their websites get punished by search engines for using unethical SEO. 

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As a leading Search Engine Optimization Services provider, it is our duty to let you know the do and do not do things in SEO at the present time, Hence, we took a look at the new and old SEO techniques and selected the best three old SEO techniques that you need to forget at the current time. Read on to know more.  

Keyword Stuffing 

Remember those days when you would visit a website only to get the list of phrases or words, written in an itty-bitty font, smartly placed or stuffed in the header or footer of every page? I remember them very well because I was one of them who chose those phrases and added then to my sites. It was ugly, but it worked very well. Today, it is not working and can be prove costly for the ranking of your website if you do as the search engine have a very sophisticated algorithm. A list of similar or synonymous phrases or words does nothing for the website visitors and it is easily identified as an outdated attempt to fool the search engine algorithm. 

Building Low Quality Links 

Link building was one of the main things in SEO few year ago. The search engine algorithm of that time would detect the back links of the website as an indication of its usefulness. Because of the importance of links, webmasters started trading links. They started doing this thing “If you site links to my site, I’ll link back to your site from my other different sites. 

It was very simple and worked for a long time for the webmaster until Google launched Penguin update. When this tough and smart update came into inception, millions of websites having low quality back links got punished. At the present time, you can’t use low quality back links for SEO. So, try to get quality back links from the websites of your business niche. And never buy links.  

Search Engine and Directory Submission 

We would recommend you to and all SEO Web Services Delhi company to stop doing directory and search engine submission. Today, it is considered as spammy and can be proved very dangerous for your website. Most of the SEO professionals use it to take advantage of the business owners who don’t know anything about the SEO. So, don’t be fooled. Getting listing on sites like Yellow Pages and other local directory is good but submitting your site to hundreds of unidentified and irrelevant directories is the waste of time.


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