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Monday, 20 July 2015

The Dangers of Annoying Your Readers

The sole objective of posting a blog or any story on social media platform is to attract the attention of the visitor or readers and increase the social shares. However, some bloggers fail in fulfilling this objective because of annoying their readers by continuously posting unnecessary blogs and asking them to share it on social media. It is very important to understand that social media users don’t like this kind of direct promotion. They share content on social media only when they find it suitable for their friends and the group members in which he/she is active. 

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Recent study conducted by Search Rank India, a leading SMO Services Company India, shows that social media users feel annoyed when they are asked to share any content with their friends. Let me explain the reason behind it. Usually, social media professionals don’t perform research on user’s interest and simply share content with them for the sake of Social Media Optimization. This approach is the main reason because of which social media users get annoyed. 

In addition, business organizations promoting their product or services on social media platforms need to change their strategy if they want to get positive result from the social media optimization. And, if they don’t do this, they would never get positive result from the social media optimization. Leading e-commerce companies including Flipkart, Snapdeal and Amazon are getting maximum outcome from their social media campaign just because of their good relation with their target audience. 

They always post quality content and don’t force their followers or fans to share them. They simply post the content and leave it to the users whether they want to share or not. Moreover, they analyze the performance of every content on regular basis and do corrective changes, which help in getting the maximum return on investment. You too can achieve desired result from your social media promotion campaign by applying this rule.


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