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Monday, 13 July 2015

Internet Privacy Bill Approved by Russian Parliament

In a historic decision, the Russian parliament has approved “Right to be Forgotten” bill that allows anyone to request for the removal of outdated, irrelevant or trustworthy information from the search engines. The State Duma lower house has passed the bill in its third reading, seeks to match European Union rules on the right to be forgotten under which search engines must remove the results that appear under a search of a person’s name. 

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If the President Vladimir Putin signs this bill, it will become a law next year. The bill has been criticized by the Russian web companies for its in appropriate recommendation as the search engines have already given the rights to the people to request for the removal of any objectionable content. Also, the law says to remove the links from the search engines, but not from hosting websites. 

There must be a balance between personal privacy and the freedom of information. You can’t simply remove the information just because it tells the bitter truth about a person, said Search Rank India that’s name famous as Digital Marketing Company in India. The Russian parliament decision might give freedom to remove the unnecessary or objectionable content from the search engines, but it will surely end the freedom of information on the internet. 

Yandex, which is Russia’s biggest search engine has said that control over dissemination of information should not restrict free access to public data. The State Duma lower house made some minor changes in the bill after discussing the draft with the search engine providers, Yandex added. If this bill becomes law, the users will have freedom to request the removal of any information from the web pages by giving the specific references and web companies will be given 10 days to comply with the request. No official comment has been made by the search engine giant Google on this latest bill. Also, it is not clear whether the law demands for the removal of the content across the world or within Russia only. We’ll inform you whenever new details come. Meanwhile, you can read our other blogs. 

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