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Monday, 6 July 2015

Google Out, Bing Takes Over AOL Search Business

It’s official! Microsoft owned Bing search engine will now handle the AOL Search business. This news has been recently confirmed by Microsoft and AOL as the two companies have signed a 10-year contract that will make Bing the default search engine of AOL for the next ten years. Google, which is the default search engine of AOL at the current time, will be out of AOL search from January 1, 2016 when the new contract will come into effect. 

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Google has been the default search engine of AOL since 2002. The search engine giant always managed to renew the deal with AOL, but this time it didn’t renew the deal and Bing grabbed the opportunity. When Google signed the first deal with AOL back in 2002, it was a huge success for the company. Industry experts don’t think that Google will face loss by not renewing the deal with AOL. 

AOL has only 1% of the search traffic in the US, however, Google has 65%. This great difference between the search percentages indicates that Google will not face any kind of loss by not renewing the deal. Though Google will not face any kind of loss, the new deal is a great win for Bing. The search engine has recently passed the 20% share mark in the US and the AOL deal will certainly increase its share in search market. 

Some experts’ say that Google is nowadays more busy in making new changes to its search engine and its mobile based Android operating system. The renewal of AOL deal was not so important for Google’s business. Although, the renewal of AOL deal was not so important for Google, it created a buzz in the online world. People were searching about the new deal on the web. Hence, I decided to post a blog with detailed information about this deal. If you have more information about this deal, share it with me in the comment box. 

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