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Friday, 3 July 2015

5 PPC Tips that Can Boost Your Return on Investment

5 PPC Tips that Can Boost Your Return on Investment Pay Per Click Services offered by Google and Bing is a great way to get instant business query from the target audience. This paid service costs so much money hence must be used smartly. In this blog, I have given 5 PPC tips that can boost your Return on Investment (ROI). So, read on very carefully.  

1. Set Your Goal 

The very first thing you need to do while creating a PPC campaign is to set the goal, whether you want Sale, Traffic or anything else. Goal setup helps a lot in executing a successful PPC Campaign. Most of the business owners lose thousands of money in PPC just because of not setting up the objective. So, don’t be like them and set your goal for getting maximum ROI. 

2. Think Like Consumers, not the Business Owner 

Most of the successful businessmen think like consumer whenever they plan to launch a new product or company. It helps them in understanding the actual need and demand of the consumers. PPC campaigns are actually a form of advertisement. And you know, advertisements are made to get the attention of the consumers. When you design your PPC campaign, keep in mind what your target audience is searching and where they are searching from. It will help you in designing the best PPC ad.

3. Use Keywords Smartly 

I would suggest you to segregate your keywords in different sets and run PPC on each of them. For example, if you are running PPC for Digital Marketing Company in India, don’t put all the keywords (SEO, SMO, PPC etc.) in one ad. Create separate ad for each of them. Use maximum two to three keywords in a PPC ad to get more response.  

4. Do A/B Testing 

Well! It’s always said that have two three plans for a successful campaign. If one fails, use another. For PPC, this strategy works very well. I would suggest you to create two different ads with different designs, look, landing page and run them to get the user’s response. If you get maximum response from one ad and least from the other, stop the least performing ad and increase the marketing of the one which is performing well.  

5. Simplicity Always Matters 

Don’t make your ad complicated or stuffed with a lot of things. Add only required information, graphics and other details in the landing page of your PPC ad, if you want to get better User Experience (UX). The better UX will increase the quality score of your ad, thus increasing the Click Through Rate (CTR) and lowering the Cost Per Click (CPC). 

Hope! The above-mentioned Pay Per Click Optimization tips will help you in getting high ROI from your PPC ad. Leave your views about this blog in the comment box.


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