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Thursday, 4 June 2015

Work in Progress at Google to Change its Ranking Factor

If the reports of Search Rank India are to be believed, Google may soon change its ranking factor. A team of Google researches is currently working on the concept that will rank the web pages or the websites on the basis of content accuracy (factual content) instead of the back links. It means, the search engine giants will give a future where the sites will be judged on the basis of the information they comprise of rather than the popularity across the web. 

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At the present time, a number of web pages littered with the factual inaccuracies appear in the top ranking of Google search result pages just because of the high number of quality links. Work is in progress at the Google to give priority to “Endogenous” signal rather than the “Exogenous” signal. Now, you must be thinking about exogenous and endogenous signal. Let’s tell you the different between them. 

The exogenous signal comes from the outside environment of a web page or website, such as hyperlink structure. However, the endogenous signal comes from the internal environment of a web page or website, such as factual accuracy. In short, your website will get ranking on the accuracy of information it contains than the level of trust people have in your website. The good news is that even a newly launched website will get top ranking immediately on the basis of factual accuracy once the changes comes in effect. 

Now, the question is: where will Google bots go to check the factual accuracy in the web pages they crawl? 

Google is not a search engine that gives information; it is a smart search engine that keeps eye on the searches and maintain the standard accordingly. Whether you are aware or not, the search engine giant is secretly building a database that comprises of stored information of the entire human race. In addition, the entire Google database in readable by both the robots and humans. Google has given it an excellent name i.e. Knowledge Vault. This information center is very smart, the more information it collects, its desire of collection increases. 

Early Tests are Successful 

Google tested around 2.8 billion triples, which are the facts discovered and extracted from the web pages or websites. Moreover, Google researchers were able to predict the trustworthiness of 119 million web pages and 5.6 million websites using those triples. Although, this system is not yet ready to be applied, it could definitely supplement the signals that are currently used to evaluate a website’s quality. 

The future is not here yet, but it seems to be so close. If Google’s early tests are accurate, web pages may soon be ranked by the factual accuracy but no on the basis of links they receive. Search Rank India, a leading SEO Company in India, is sure that this will happen in near future.


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