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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Top 3 Old School Yet Effective Off-Page SEO Techniques

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been changed significantly in recent times.Regular updates and new changes have made SEO the most difficult part of digital marketing. It’s not easy to promote a website doing SEO in the search engine result pages in the current time. Earlier, the effect of SEO would come very easily, but now it comes after a long time. We understand the problems facing by an SEO professional while promoting a website. Hence, we decided to give top 5 old school yet effective off-page SEO techniques that can help in moving up the ranking of a website. Scroll won to know more. 

1 Bookmarking:  

Those are wrong who think that Google has stopped giving preference to bookmarking. Guys! Don’t forget one thing while doing SEO, Google never stops considering good and quality work. It always put restriction on those who try to play with its algorithm. When you talk to most of the SEO professionals, they will say that bookmarking was once considered by Google to rank a website. However, the reality is, it still has the same value but you need to stop overdoing it. Before Google’s Panda update, SEO professionals were used to do 50 bookmarking a day to get top ranking. Now, if youdo the same, you can lose your ranking. Keep everything in limit and enjoy top position in Google and other search engines. Here are the Top 20 Bookmarking Sites: 

2: Blog Commenting: 

Just like bookmarking, blog commenting have also been forgotten. Posting a comment in the niche website is still fruitful in terms of off-page SEO. In addition, the content quality matters the most. Suppose you are promoting a Digital Marketing Company in India, you should select the top blog in the digital marketing category and post the comment with uniquely written content. Also, don’t overdo this activity. 

3. Classified Submission: 

Do you know the time when the classified ads started publishing in newspaper? Well! For your information, it was started way back in 18th century. But, classified ads are still being published in the newspaper.Google’s strategy is no more different from the newspaper. It always wants to have the best and quality information and have set a position for everything, be it bookmarking, blog commenting or classified submission. So, don’t listen to so called digital marketing experts and keep doing your work with positive mind frame, you’ll surely get success. Here are the Top 20 Classified Submission Sites: 


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