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Monday, 15 June 2015

Study- Web Users Give Only 3 Seconds to Trust a Website

Did you know that web users decidewhether they will trust your site or not in just 3 seconds? Yes 3 seconds!You heard it right. This shocking revelation has been made by Search Rank India, the leading Digital Marketing Company in India, in its recent study report. The company’s report also say that users bounce back from the sites if they don’t get the things or information they are searching for in less than 4 clicks. So, before promoting your website in the search engine, make sure it comprises of a good structure. 

Hundreds of web users participated in the Search Rank India study and shared their viewstowards various websites. The only thing every participant wanted was - Easy Accessibility. Jatin Rana, a 26 year old Medical Student said that he loves browsing internet all the timeas it helps in getting detailed information about various topics with ease and grace. But, there are also some websites that waste my time. They are just disgusting. 

When Search Rank India experts asked for the reason, he said those websites lack good structure and easy navigation. Despite of having quality information, those sites don’t fulfill the need of the web users. Another participant, Priya Sachdev, a 22 year old Fashion Designing student, raised a question about the ranking factor. She said there are so many websites that rank well despite of bad structure and low user interface. Whenever I visit such websites, I just curse Google and those who put effort to rank them, she added. 

The view of almost every participant towards the website structure and navigation was same. As a business organization,you must do something to win their trust.It’s the high time to change your digital marketing strategy as more and more people are continuously joining the digital world. A little mistake can cost you very badly. This latest study report of Search Rank India shows that you should first focus on the website structure and its development because users want easy access at any cost. If you fail in doing so, you could never win the trust of web users.


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