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Thursday, 4 June 2015

SEO Strategy Needs to be Implemented during Website Redesign or Migration

It is very important for every business owners to plan well in order to avoid potentially devastating SEO issues while redesigning or re-launching the website. The major problem occurs when re-launch involves the change of domain. The entire work done on the previous domain goes into the vain if few things are not considered. Are you planning to redesign your website or migration? If yes, then read this blog to preserve your SEO equity in the process. You can protect the work done on the domain and discover new opportunities for optimization by strategically planning the changes. In the below-given lines, we have given some of the most important search engine optimization elements that can help you to protect the search equity even when you change the domain or redesign the website. Read on to know more. 

Don’t Forget Your Website: 

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It is possible that your website URLs may change during the redesigning or website update process. If you don’t focus on this issue, you can lose the ranking in the search engine results pages, resulting the complete loss of visibility in the search engines. In order to keep your website safe from this issue, you should inform the search engines about the URL changes. Test pages from your current site with a redirect to the newly designed and updated site in order to see their appearance in the search result. If Google acknowledges the changes you made, continue the updation process.  

Analyze Backlinks or Inbound Links: 

Inbound links helps your website to get more popularity across the web. They increases the Domain Authority or DA and Page Authority or PA of your site and web pages. When you make the changes in the URL, links that point to the previous URLs will need to be updated. 

Do SEO Audit:  

Search Rank India, the best Web Designing Company in India, always conduct SEO audit whenever it changes the design or update the website of its client. SEO audit helps in identifying the Pros and Cons of the current website. You can use the information obtained through SEO audit in constructing the road map of what needs to be done and what should be left. 

If you keep the above-mentioned three points in mind while redesigning or updating your website, you can retain the search equity of your previous site.


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