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Saturday, 20 June 2015

Report: People Search for Product on Smartphone and Buy them on Desktop

A recent study shows that people search information about the product or services they intent to buy on their Smartphone and buy them on desktop. Search Rank India, one of the leading Digital Marketing Agency in India, conducted this study to analyze the consumer behavior. More than 100 people aged between 20 and 30 years participated in the study. Questions related to their buying behavior and what they actually think before buying an online product or service were asked. And surprisingly most of them said that they prefer buying product on desktop. 

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No doubt, Smartphone plays an important role in online buying but it is only used to search information about the product. The final decision is mostly taken on the desktop as people find it safe and secure. Also, the product description and other details are appeared in better form in comparison with the Smartphone or any other mobile computing device. The main reason because of which most of the people avoid using Smartphone for buying any online product or service is the payment gateway. 

Mobile and Smartphone have become popular in recent times. People browse internet and connect with their friends on Smartphone, but they don’t make important online transaction as it is not secure and can be easily hacked. There are so many e-commerce companies that ensure safe and secure transaction on the Smartphone, but people avoid it. The study conducted by Search Rank India is a proof and we should believe it that people search information about the product or services they intend to buy on mobile devices and buy it from the desktop.


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