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Thursday, 18 June 2015

Marketers to Increase Digital Budget in 2015

Believe it or not, days for direct marketing are gone.Most of the companies are now investing money in digital marketing as it provides maximum result and lowers the marketing cost significantly. For direct marketing, companies require so many channels, data, work force and office spaces in different places. However, digital marketing can be done across the world sitting at one place. The flexibility digital marketing provides is beneficial for both the business owners and their target audience. 

These days, most of the people are using internet across the world, making it easy for the business organizations to market a product to a larger audience.Besides, digital marketing provides a wonderful opportunity to analyze the performance of the marketing campaign in the real time.Several analytics tool help in finding the positive and negatives of a campaign using which marketers can edit/remove data to improve the performance. 

Search Rank, the leading Digital Marketing Company in India says that four out of five companies will increase digital marketing budget in 2015 and the majority of themwill focus on social media marketing as their important area of digital marketing. On the other hand, 40% of them will givepreference to e-mail marketing as it is easy to execute and helps in making direct contact with the target audience. 

Marketers concern towards the digital marketing is necessary and one needs to understand their psyche. Everyone wants to get more business, no matters what is the source. And if a business is not promoted on the web, it is nowhere in the competition. The success of Flipkart is a great example to look at. The online shopping portal is currently India’s top most e-commerce company with more than a billion annual turnover. Flipkart started operation in 2007 when online shoppingwas not so much popular in India.

The company used the digital marketing splendidly and promoted its product everywhere on the web, be it social media, Google or its partner websites. Today, the company has a large network of sellers, customers and promoters. You can say that digital marketing has played a pivotal role in the success of Flipkart.


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