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Monday, 29 June 2015

Google’s “Create Great Content and Get Top Ranking” Mantra Works for Big Businesses Only

People say that the internet provides equal opportunity to every business, be it large, medium or small. But, it is not true in case of Google. The search engine giant that has maximum number of web users don’t maintain the equilibrium while ranking a website or the web page in its search engine. Mostly, large businesses or the established one get benefit from Google as they show in the top ranking of its search results. The small or medium enterprise has to fight with full acumen in order to get visibility on Google. 

Let’s understand this with an example. When you type the latest news in India, only the established news websites, like of NDTV, Zee News etc. come up in the search engines. Newly launched news websites or some of the less popular sites despite of having quality and fresh content don’t get top ranking. Why this kind of partiality is done by Google when it says that create great content and get benefit. Search Rank India, which offers Internet Marketing Services India, agrees with this partial behavior of Google. 

The company has experienced this thing while promoting the website of one of its client. Its SEO Web Services professionals say that despite of creating quality content and structuring the website as per the Google algorithm, it never came up in the top ten ranking however the websites of industry leaders get top ranking for a longer period of time. When Google says it gives priority to quality content, then why it didn’t give top ranking to that website? This is a very important question and raises the finger on Google’s ranking factor. 

This partial behavior indicates that Google always gives priority to industry leaders as most of the people look for brand name and renowned company. Well! If this thing is happening on the web, how you can believe that internet is equal for everyone? People search thing on internet as they believe that it always gives quality result without any partiality. But, Google is not following the ethics of internet world. It should change its policy and start giving equal opportunity to everyone, be it a small, medium or large enterprise.


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