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Monday, 1 June 2015

Google to Add “Buy” Button in Mobile Search Result within Few Weeks

The search engine giant Google is expected to add “buy” button in mobile search result that will allow people directly purchase the item. A report published in the Wall Street Journal indicates that the Google buy button will appear alongside only paid search ads or Pay-Per-Click ads. Google wants to make its search engine one-stop solution for everything to find pages, products and make transaction, hence it is planning to add buy button which will certainly impact on the sale of the product of the e-commerce organization and those providing online product or services. 

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The buy button will work differently from other click to call action tabs. When a customer clicks on the buy button, he/she will be directed to a special Google page to complete the purchase of the product.The payment will also be directly done on the Google page after that the order will be passed to the retailer.Last week, Google introduced the online order delivery service from local restaurants for the US customers. The experiment is widely accepted by the US customers. As per the digital marketing experts, the Google’s entry into the online retail space will certainly pose a threat to the current industry leaders, like of Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal and e-bay. 

The retailers are not happy with this move and expressing their concern that they will lose their brand identityas more customers will place order on Google page rather than their website. Moreover, retailers will still have the opportunity to invite customers to explore their marketing campaigns as well as collect information about the product or services they offer. Google will not take any amount from the retailer’s products sold on its page. However, it will be paid by the retailers through its existing paid advertising model. No one from Google has officially commented on the buy button, so an official launch date is yet to be confirmed. 

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