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Saturday, 6 June 2015

Google Introduced Android M Update at I/O 2015

Google introduced the latest version of Android, called Android M, at its I/O conference held on May 28, 2015. The pre-release version of Android M is available for the developers only on Google Nexus 5, 6, 9 and Nexus Player, however, its full version will be launched later this year. Sundar Pichai, the Senior Vice President of Google, has said that the Android M operating system will primarily focus on improving the stability and usability of the platform. Google wants to improve the quality of the platform instead of a radically new look. 

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In addition, the latest Android M has still not got a codename. Android M more or less looks like its predecessor Lollipop. You can say that it’s more like a reorganization of Android with power optimization, launch of new services and changes to improve the quality of applications. In this blog, we will give you a brief description about the newly introduced Android M. So, keep reading.  

App Permissions 

Whenever you install an application on your Android smartphone, Android operating system asks for the permission requests to access your location and other information. Well! That’s all going to change with Android M.  

Chrome in Every Android App 

With the existing Android operating system, when you click on a web link within an app, you either have to reload the browser or use a stripped-down web view in the application. Google has planned to bring Chrome Custom Tabs with the new Android update. It is like an in-app Chrome browser and supposed to make loading pages faster by preloading important elements, such as passwords and auto-fill. 

USB Type-C for Better Battery Life 

Discharging of mobile battery while using applications is a common issue and we all smartphone users faces it every day. In order to save us from this problem, Google introduced a new feature called Doze. Android M will have this feature that uses motion detection to go into deeper sleep if not used for longer period of time. While dozing, your phone would not stop working and still respond to high-priority messages and alarms. To check the effectiveness, Google ran a test against Nexus 9 running Lollipop and found that M Nexus lasted up to two times longer in sleep mode.  

Google to Make Everything Easy for You 

Google is getting smarter and it’s going to be incorporated throughout the phone, through a feature called “Now on Tap”. With this feature, you can hold the home button and bring up the Now Cards with relevant information, whether you are in app, web browser or email. Suppose, if your friends e-mail you about going to a movie, Tap Now will display the entire details mentioned in e-mail, with links to YouTube trailers, rating and other information related to that movie.  

Free Photos and Videos Storage App 

Google already has a photo tool for the Android operating system, but the new Google Photos is a revamped application that will give you an option to store unlimited photos and videos for free. However, there is limit for photos and videos size. You can store photos not more than 16 MP size and the videos not more than 1080p.  

Offline Map to Guide You Even in Bad Connectivity 

Google knows its market very well. India is one of its biggest market where people search everything on Google and uses Android smartphone. Hence, it has launched a set of new updates that will make its products or applications work welleven in the low connectivity. You’ll be able to search information, read reviews and even use Google mapson Android M smartphone with a spotty connection. 

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