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Monday, 1 June 2015

Digital Marketing Tips You Can Do in 5 Minutes to Improve Your Online Visibility

We always try to help the companies seeking good online visibility and ranking in the search engines result pages by providing them good information through our blogs. Today, we would like to share digital marketing tops that you can do in 5 minutes to improve your online visibility and ranking. These tips can make a big impact on your business too. So, scroll down and get those tips. 

1.Check Your Website Whether It’s Mobile-friendly or Not 

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Last month, Google launched a huge mobile update to its search engine algorithm. The update has been launched with the aim of providing mobile search more user friendly. This latest mobile-friendly update can negatively impact your business website’s mobile search ranking if it’s not mobile-friendly. So, check your website through Google mobile-friendly checker now. And if your websites doesn’t pass the rule of this new update, get a mobile-friendly site as soon as possible. 

2. Search for Your business on Smartphone’s Map App 

Today, most of the people use smartphone to search information on the web. Hence, it is really important for you to get visibility on the mobile search results. Smartphones map applications are the best option to reach out to your prospects. We suggest you to check whether your business listing is live on the smartphones map apps or not. If you find any incorrect information, correct it before you lose the prospects. 

3. Search Your Business on desktop and/or mobile 

The next step, you need to follow is to search your business on the desktop and mobile phone browser, such as Google, Firefox and Safari and review the information that comes when your click on the search button.Ideally, the following should appear in the organic search results when you search for you business on the web: • Your business website URL • Your social media and review pages (for example: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Yelp) • Your Google Maps results • Your business listings in other online directories • Links to other content and articles about or by your business If all the information comes in order, then your business will get maximum exposure on the web and if anything goes wrong, just think about it and make required changes in your digital marketing strategy. 

4. Respond to the Genuine Leads Quickly 

It has been found in studies that the business organizations who respond quickly are expected to get more queries from the prospects. Therefore, always make sure that the business leads are given quick reply. We suggest you to stop what you are doing and call back to the prospects who tried reaching you. Generally, people give preference to the companies that respond to their queries first. 

5. Don’t Ignore Prospects E-mails or Leads 

It’s good to follow the prospects who call you. But, you should also give importance to the prospects who mailyou regarding the services. Don’t waste your time and immediately respond on the e-mails you receive. If they’ve given you their phone number, then call back and let them know the products or services you offer based on their interests and needs. And, if you don’t have their number, send them a quick mail with detailed information.


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