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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

5 Things You Should Know About Digital Marketing

The world of digital marketing changes rapidly and if you don’t keep up pace with the changes, you’ll be vanished. Until the last month, non-mobile websites were getting quality traffic from both the desktop and mobile devices but now they are nowhere in the mobile web search result as Google introduced mobile-friendly update that gives priority to only responsive sites. So, you should always ready for the new changes while doing online business. Your job as a business owner is to increase the sales graph and to keep the business afloat. And, it can be achieved onlyby doing the promotion of your product or services as per the current rules of the online marketing. Below are the five most important things that you should knowabout the current scenario of digital marketing.
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 1.PPC Ads are not everything 

Yes! You should understand that Pay-Per-Click or PPC is not the only way to survive in the competitive digital world. Don’t be amongst those foolish businessmen who pour millions of rupees into the PPC hole, thinking that it’s the only digital marketing solution. For your information, there are so many other valuable options that can increase your brand value on the web. Search Rank India, the best SEO Services Company India, provides high standard SEO services that help in getting organic traffic to the website, thus increasing the ranking in the search result pages.  

2. Make a Budget as Digital Marketing Costs Money 

Like any other marketing network, digital marketing also costs money. You will need to hire SEO & SMO professionals, content writer, web designer and web developers to execute a successful online marketing campaign. Certainly, your business will achieve the zenith of success if you spend the time and money to do right thing.  

3. Unique Content is the Key to Success 

Well! You need to accept this fact that content is everything. Whether you are a service provider or selling information online, you need to post unique and quality content on your website for engaging the web users. The digital world is comprised of billions of articles, infographic, blog, white pages, journals, status updates, tweets, images, pictures, videos and many more content. So, post quality and unique content on your website regularly if you want maximum ROI.  

4. Don’t think that SEO is Dead 

There are many people who have started saying that SEO is dead. We would say just one thing to those people, stop spreading rumors if you don’t know the mutual relation of search engine and search engine optimization. SEO will live as long as there is online search. You can say that SEO has changed so much in the recent time. The search engine giant Google updates its algorithm on daily basis and after a few months, it brings a new update to make search experience better.As a business owner you don’t know the exact implications of every search engine update, but you should know that SEO is not dead yet.  

5. Mobile optimization is Must in Today’s Time 

The newly launched mobile-friendly update of Google has shaken the digital world. It has reminded all of us that every website must have responsive design or open on the mobile devices easily. And if your website don’t have mobile-friendly design, then you will suffer the consequences. Today’s generation experience life through a few square of the smartphones screen. They don’t ask for the mobile-friendly experience, they just demand it and if you don’t fulfill their demand, they’ll never visit your website. Thus, if you keep the above-mentioned five points in mind, you’ll never face any kind of problem while promoting your business or product on the web.


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