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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

3 Important Google Changes in the last Two Months

SEO professionals and the people involved in digital marketing always keep eye on the latest Google algorithm changes. They visit various websites to collect information about the recent changes in the search engine giant’s algorithm. It is essential for them and if they don’t do this, they will lose ranking in the Google search result pages, resulting low visibility. Knowing this fact, we decided to give you information about some of the important changes that Google has made in the last two months through this blog. So, keep reading. 

1. Mobile Friendly Update 

You all must have heard of this latest update that was launched in the month of April 2015. Google launched its first Mobile-Friendly update to make mobile web search more easy and convenient for its users. Mobile web users are now getting mobile-friendly sites in the mobile search results, helping them to get information without any hassle. This update has badly affected the ranking of those sites that don’t comprise of mobile-friendly or responsive design. 

2. Webmaster Tool is now Search Console 

This is amongst the importance changes Google has made in the last two months. The decade old Webmaster Tool now has a new name with some new features. Google wanted to make this tool usable for those who don’t understand the technical language. Hence, it made few changes and gave webmaster tool a new name. Now, mobile application can be indexed with this tool just like a website URL. Google has provided this option in the search console with the aim of helping the application developers to see the performance of their apps in mobile search result. 

3. A New way to see the Website URL in Mobile Web Search 

This is also a very important change that you should know. Like the other two changes, this one is also for mobile web search result. Google is now showing the website URL with its “Real World Name” instead of a lengthy URL. For example, when you type “History of Google” in the mobile search box, you get the Wikipedia link with the following details: > wiki > Google. This change has been made to make it easy for the users in finding the best result. 

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