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Friday, 22 May 2015

Mobile-friendly Technology Becomes Key Requirement for E-commerce Organizations

Business organizations are increasingly seeking mobile-friendly e-commerce platforms as more and more people are now using mobile phones for searching information on the web. Today, if the businesses don’t have mobile compatible website, theyare out of the competition. The search engine giant Google itself announced few days back that mobile web searches have toppledthe desktop web searches.It was expected as people’s attraction towards the mobile web searches was growing with every passing day. Telecom companies have also played a pivotal role in increasing the mobile web searches as they now offer mobile data at low price. In addition, people find mobile phones the best device to search information on the web. 

The smartphones are nowadays very popular in India and the world because of their exclusive features.As per a recent report, it has been found that smartphones users will increase by 30% in coming years, thus ensuring the increase in mobile web searches. Search Rank India saw this coming, hence it started offering Responsive Web Designing Services few months ago. The expert digital marketing professionals of the company keep eye on the online marketing trends and launch the services accordingly. At present time, most of the businesses are investing money on the mobile-friendly technology in order to reach out to the maximum people. The latest mobile-friendly update of Googlehas shaken the business industry. Those, who were not giving preference to mobile devices now searching the mobile-friendly technology.


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