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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Google Launches Phantom Update to Target Informational Websites

The search engine giant Google has recently rolled out “Phantom” algorithm update with the aim of targeting the websites comprising of “ho-to” style content. Some of the world’s most popular information based websites, like of Hubpages, WikiHow, and eHow have been badly affected by this latest update. The ranking of these websites have dropped significantly in the last few days. As per the nbcnews, HubPages that have a collection of more than 8,70,000 mini blogs comprising of information content related to various topics, witnessed the drop of its Google search traffic by 22% from the last few weeks. The term “Phantom” has been given to this latest update as it came without any warning. In addition, Google has yet to acknowledge its existence.  

Google Phantom Update
Google Phantom Update is not related to Panda or Penguin. However, its impact on the “thin” quality content website shows that it might be a part of Panda. Clickbait articles, a website that have a number of supplementary information, stacked videos and the pages difficult to navigate have lost its visibility in the search engine result pages in recent weeks. The web experts consider Phantoma “ruthless” update as the entire domain is being punished for few thin quality content. Moreover, Google has not formally commented on the latest update, although a signal for the new changes in its existing update was given by its Webmaster Trends team member Garry Illyes at SMX Sydney last week. With this new update, it has become very difficult for a content publisher to survive on the web. No one can predict the future of a business on the web as the new updates are continuously impacting the ranking of the websites.


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