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Saturday, 21 February 2015

Important SEO Factor which help in Keywords Ranking

Many SEO (Search Engine Optimization) experts are saying that SEO is to be finished but many are disagree with this kind of statement. There are a lot of misconception about future of SEO. 

Search Engine Optimization Services
The SEO is never going to be finish. With each and every updates SEO is being tougher than its earlier forms. It has just changed its form and techniques to promote a webpage. In earlier days Google prefers different kinds link buildings. Then SEO Company in Delhi started making more and more link buildings on different kind of webpages, no matter the page is active or not. Thus more number of backlinks brings the website on the top of Search Engine Result page. After many years Google observed spamming to create backlinks for various sites. Hence it decided to make changes in its searching algorithm and introduced a modified and filtered algorithm named as Google Penguin. This was the major roll out in algorithm that has affected almost 3.1% website. Due to these updates, the top ranking sites were overwhelmed in Google’s ranking. 

Nowadays, the SEO trend has been totally changed. All kinds of back links are checked by the Google bots. If the number of backlinks from an inactive webpage or broken links are more than limits, then website is marked as spam. And backlinks generated from good PR websites or having qualitative link buildings are preferred according to the latest updates in Google algorithm. The expert says, if you want a quality backlinks then you need to perform qualitative content creation for blog posting, Article submission and Press Release Submission. To get the best Search Engine Optimization Services approach Search Rank India.


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