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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Why an Entrepreneur Need Guidance About Google Webmaster Tool (GWT)

One of the most utilitarian tools for webmasters is Google Webmaster Tool. It is designed to assist entrepreneur and webmasters to understand all the inner and outer facts like number of visitors in a day and bounce rate and other information regarding your website. This service is completely free of cost with better user experiences. Unfortunately, many website owner and webmasters are not aware of it. The fundamental Google webmaster tools are easier than you might think which is demonstrated in this article.  
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Get a start with GWT 

• To use this amazing and compulsory services i.e. very useful for your website, you need to Sign Up first. 
• You need to associate your Website with your account as well as verify it. 
• After verification you will be able to make positive changes accordingly. 
• You could be able to see notifications containing compulsory development of site, crawl errors from SE (Search Engine). 
• Graphical representations of queries, website impressions are displayed along with a list of existing Sitemap.  

Site messages communication 

• There is a message section on your webmaster’s dashboard. It is used by Google to communicate with webmasters i.e. you.  

Search Appearance 

• In this section you could be able to customize your site’s search appearance according to you. 
• Use of Data Highlighter is to customize the category or data appearance in searches. 
• HTML Improvements section is designed with intention to assist webmasters to rank better is search queries. 
• Customization of site’s sub link is possible by Site Links. 

Search Traffic 

• Search traffic section is the most important section from Search Engine Optimization Services point of view. It also contains different sub section like Search Queries, Links to Your Site, Internal Links, Manual Actions, International Targeting and Mobile Usability etc.  

Google Index 

• It helps a webmaster to understand the Google Search index. 
• Index status shows the number of URLs that has been indexed under the domain. 
• Using Content Keywords you can get the list for keywords regarding your website.  


  • Under this section, you will be able to see notifications for crawling error, crawl issues and indexing issues. 
• It contains different sections like Crawl Error, Crawl Stats, Google and robots.txt Tester, Sitemaps and URL Parameters. 

Security issue 

 • It is the section that notifies you about any suspicious detection by Google. If there is any kind of conciliation with the security parameters of websites, you will be notified first. For every entrepreneur, it has been made compulsory to make a website to get more traffic through Internet marketing. Search Rank India provides Web Designing Services in Delhi.


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