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Saturday, 3 January 2015

Makes Your Responsive Website for User Convenience

As more people use their tablets and smart phones to browse World Wide Web, it is important to create a website whose layout design can be adjusted according to the size of screen of different devices. Therefore, you need to make such website that can enhance usability of it. From Search Engine Optimization (SEO) point of view, it also plays an essential role. 

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There is no need to create different URL or webpages for different devices. One URL is enough for a website to open in all devices according to their display size. So, SEO experts need to concentrate on a single URL. Hence, there is less effort and more advantages regarding SEO. For SEO, It is essential to know about what a leading search engines like and unlike. We always need to use that thing which is liked by Google and search other leading search engines. 

Google always loves responsive web pages. It uses different algorithm to provide a search on different devices. It favors mobile optimized sites to provide search results on mobile. A non-responsive websites designed for desktop only can be countered in mobile search result. 

Making a separate mobile website has its own benefits and it works well on the mobile version, but countered by the desktop browser. Most of separate mobile sites do not rank well in Search engines, because they are Canonicalization to their desktop counterparts. On the other hand redesigning a responsive website enables you to maintain backlinks and helps you to focus Search Engine Optimization Services on a single site. Hence all the links will be directed to one URL and providing a boost ranking in Search Engine Result Page (SERP). Furthermore, if you have a responsive website then you need not to create social shares for different URLs. You have to share it for just one URL and wherever link is viewed, site will get shared whether on mobile, tablet, desktop and other devices. 

One more problem with ordinary web design is bounce rate. Bounce rate is percentage of those visitors of the website who only visit a single webpage and then leave the website. Although there is very good ranking of your website in SERP, a non-responsive design may increase bounce rate. 

A website is an important tool to share contents. A user friendly site enables user to find and absorb its contents. If your website will not be responsive then visitors will not be able to read your content properly that may increase the probability of increase in bounce rate. Thus you need to hire a Responsive Website Designing Company to create an interactive and responsive website.


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